Meet The Igbo Founders Of ‘Mmụta Dị Ụtọ’, Producing An Animated Film Of a Classic Igbo Folktale Titled ỤNỤ DUM

Meet The Igbo Founders Of ‘Mmụta Dị Ụtọ‘, Producing An Animated Film Of a Classic Igbo Folktale Titled ỤNỤ DUM

There is an Igbo renaissance that has swept through practically every field of endeavor the modern Igbo finds themselves in today. At a time when some reports have said that the Igbo language will go extinct, the last few years have seen a mental, cultural, spiritual, and traditional revolution among Ndi Igbo – especially the young generation.

With cutting-edge skills and an undying passion for Ala Igbo, many of our young people have embarked on the journey to restore all that we lost to colonialism, in a noble attempt to rebuild those institutions that make us Ndi Igbo.

Mmụta Dị Ụtọ, a media company that creates Igbo shows for children, is producing an animated film of a Classic Igbo Folktale about the clever Mbe (the Tortoise). The animated film is titled ỤNỤ DUM.

Mmụta Dị Ụtọ

The ỤNỤ DUM film is the first time in our history as Ndi Igbo where the story of the intelligent and cunning Mbe (tortoise) is packaged for an international audience of children and adults alike. As we campaign for Ndi Igbo to teach our children our language (Asusu Igbo), this film is a major milestone that will aid Igbo parents to keep the Igbo identity alive in their homes.

On the 1st Of May 2024, Mmụta Dị Ụtọ will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the animated Igbo folktale ỤNỤ DUM. The Kickstarter campaign is designed to raise funds for the completion of the ỤNỤ DUM film.

During the Kickstarter campaign people will receive rewards for contributing to the campaign including early access tickets to a premiere of the ỤNỤ DUM movie, custom merchandise, and an animation workshop among other things.

Mmụta Dị Ụtọ was founded by Udochi Okeke and Ọcha Tk. Their programs are designed to revive the speaking of the Igbo language, the love of Igbo culture, and the pride in our heritage and identity as Ndi Igbo.

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