Mbah urges traditional rulers on community security during inauguration

Mbah urges traditional rulers on community security during inauguration

The eighth council of the Enugu State Traditional Rulers Council was formally opened by Dr. Peter Mbah, the governor of Enugu State.

Mbah urges traditional rulers on community security during inauguration

Governor Mbah tasked the royal fathers with assuming responsibility for their communities’ security by collaborating with all branches of government.

This was the case even as the council’s chairman, Igwe Samuel Asadu, a traditional ruler of the Edem-Ani Autonomous Community in the state’s Nsukka Local Government Area, gave his word that traditional leaders in the region would support the administration’s goals, organize against insecurity, and guarantee the government’s success.

Inaugurating the council on Monday at the Enugu State House of Assembly Complex’s House of Chiefs Chamber, Governor Mbah emphasized that the traditional institution’s roles extend beyond safeguarding culture and customs to include promoting harmony and peace as well as acting as the government’s eyes and ears.

“We’re also using this as a chance to remind ourselves that, in addition to being the guardians of our customs and traditions, you serve as the government’s eyes and ears in your respective communities,” Mbah stated. “As such, when we discuss the security issues our communities are facing, we anticipate collaborating with you to find solutions.”

The governor also urged the royal fathers to collaborate closely with the government and their subjects, acting as change agents in the communication process so that the latter would comprehend and value the government’s policies and initiatives regarding infrastructure, healthcare, education, security, and general well-being.

Governor Mbah highlighted a few of the significant initiatives the administration was carrying out in various communities throughout the state. He added that the state was making conscious efforts to guarantee that no child of school age is denied access to a high-quality education through the 260 smart green schools spread across the 260 electoral wards. He further stated that the state’s existing initiatives in the areas of education, training young people in skill acquisition, and human capacity building were acting as its greatest weapons.

He claimed that because traditional rulers serve as the government’s eyes and ears and had a role to play in community development, it would be difficult to carry out the administration’s extensive programs if they remained to reside outside of their villages.

The state commissioner for chieftaincy matters, Hon. Okey Ogbodo, congratulated the newly elected council and explained that the selection process had been guided by the principles of fidelity, integrity, and commitment to the people’s robust development programs. The criteria had been established in accordance with section 3(1) of the state traditional rulers law.

In response, the council chairman promised not to let the state down and that they would keep working to make sure the administration was successful.

Igwe Asadu said that the Mbah administration was responsible for the first state-financed project in their community’s history, even though he described the governor as a force for good who had accomplished historic feats that touched all communities.

“The governor promised to supply water to Enugu in 180 days, and he fulfilled his promise,” he declared. He mentioned roads; you can observe them everywhere. He discussed intelligent schools. Since it was the first time the government had given anything to my village, I feel quite honored.

Source: The Punch

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