Group Takes Sack Farming Campaign To Enugu Community

Group Takes Sack Farming Campaign To Enugu Community

The Enugu State Young Farmers Association (ENSYFA) has extended its sack farming awareness programme to Eke, Udi Local Government Area.

The event held in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro Industrialization Enugu state, is aimed at educating and empowering elderly residents of Udi town with sustainable farming techniques.

Group Takes Sack Farming Campaign To Enugu Community

The programme saw a turnout of over 100 elderly participants eager to aquire skills in sack farming – a method that allows for the cultivation of crops in sacks, providing a convenient alternative to traditional farming and reducing the physical strain on elderly farmers.

It began with registration of participants which was geared towards ensuring a good database of farmers in the state.

The ENSYFA President, Kenneth Eze, while welcoming participants, highlighted the importance of adopting sustainable agricultural practices.

The President emphasized that sack farming could significantly ease the burden on elderly farmers by enabling them to grow essential crops like Ugu, green vegetables, pepper, and yam at home.

The training covered the basics of sack farming, its benefits for elderly individuals, and a step-by-step guide on setting up and maintaining a sack farm. Participants learned practical techniques for cultivating Ugu, green vegetables, pepper, and yam.

There was a practical demonstration and distribution segment, participants actively engaged in setting up their sack farms, guided by the experts. They prepared the sacks, mixed soil, and planted the seedlings, gaining valuable practical experience.

The highlight of the event was the distribution of sacks filled with seedlings to each elderly participant, ensuring that all participants received the necessary resources to start their own home gardens using sacks.

The programme concluded with closing remarks from ENSYFA’s President. He expressed gratitude to the participants, sponsors, and volunteers who contributed to the event’s success. The elderly participants showed their appreciation and enthusiasm for applying their new skills, looking forward to cultivating their home gardens.

The Sack Farming Awareness Programme achieved its objectives, significantly increasing knowledge and awareness of sack farming among the elderly in Udi Town. The event empowered elderly farmers with practical skills and resources, promoting sustainable agriculture and reducing the physical demands of traditional farming.

ENSYFA extends thanks to Governor, Dr. Peter Ndubuisi Mbah for his massive interest in Agriculture and also thanking the Commissioner for Agriculture, Hon. Patrick Nwabueze Ubru, for keeping an open door policy for all to join hands in building a sustainable agricultural development and growth. He is keeping to his words.

The association remains committed to supporting sustainable farming practices and enhancing the well-being of communities across Enugu State.

For More Information on sack farming,

For further details on ENSYFA’s initiatives and future events, please contact:

Email: [enugustateyoungfarmersassocia@gmail.com]Phone: [08034961809]

Enugu State Young Farmers Association (ENSYFA) continues to lead the way in promoting sustainable agriculture and community empowerment.

Source: Aproko Republic

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