Anambra bizman fears job losses in community over power outage

Anambra bizman fears job losses in community over power outage

Dr. Jacob Enemuo, an industrialist from Anambra State, has voiced concern that, should nothing be done, the lack of electricity in Enugu village, Nanka community, Orumba North Local Government Area, Anambra State, may result in the termination of over 400 workers from his firm.

Anambra bizman fears job losses in community over power outage

In a letter he addressed to the Anambra State government on Tuesday, Enemuo claimed that the local leadership-caused division among the community was to blame for the area’s power outage.

According to information obtained by South-East PUNCH, Enugu Electricity Distribution Company employees were recently attacked in the neighborhood and had their cars set on fire for disconnecting a compound that was utilizing their product illegally.

“The factory has been closed for days because the village’s power supply has been cut off,” Enemuo stated. This is as a result of certain community members beating up EEDC representatives who were on business.

“Even though the action was wrong, we have since attempted to regain power, but the presidents general of the Ositadinma Development Union and Nanka Patriotic Union have been attempting to obstruct our efforts.”

According to Enemuo, the community’s leadership may be trying to get even with him by keeping the village in the dark because he has consistently opposed their atrocities.

He went on, “Now, they are ruining the only industry in the village and endangering the livelihood of over 400 employees of that industry because they want to get at me. That isn’t just.

He urged Prof. Chukwuma Soludo, the governor of Anambra State, to free Nanka from the leaders’ control, claiming that they were being driven by a few influential members of the community.

Journalists trying to get the President General of the community’s response were unsuccessful because calls to his cell phone were not answered.

In the meantime, the EEDC cleared the community group represented by its Media and Communications Director, Emeka Ezeh. He claimed that the incident was being handled and that he and other leaders had gone to a company branch to make a plea on behalf of the suspect who had damaged their cars.

Source: The Punch

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